Nutri-Strips Bundle


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Get all of our Nutri-Strips in one convenient, low cost bundle.

What you’re getting in our Nutri-Strips bundle:

One Month Supply of Sleep A.S.A.P. Nutri-Strips: Sleep A.S.A.P. Nutri-strips combine a matrix of five powerful, fast-acting, sleep-promoting ingredients to encourage deep, restful sleep and a rejuvenated awakening. 

Three Month Supply of ImmunD3 Nutri-Strips: ImmunD3 Nutri-strips is a breakthrough in Vitamin D delivery, providing 40,000 IU of Vitamin D – a full week’s worth–  in ONE small Nutri-Strip!

One Month Supply of energY Nutri-Strips: energY Nutri-strips provide a great tasting, sugar free, zero calorie, convenient alternative to coffee, tea, and sugary energy drinks but without the annoying jitters and the crash.

One Month Supply of RecoverB Nutri-Strips: A single RecoverB Nutri-Strip will replenish essential minerals, enhance hydration and muscle function, and helps the body maintain a fluid balance.